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Kids Canada connects schools and organizations to help break through the glass walls of cultural stereotypes, gender and racial discrimination, dependency and entitlement -crossing all cultural and economic borders for fun.

We educate and empower our kids beyond textbooks and school walls through cultural exchanges of arts and technology. Because we believe that a kid’s home life impacts their success in and out of school, we support the family unit as whole by kick starting micro businesses and sustainable health and nutritional projects.

Kids are often seen as vulnerable and dependent but we see them as they are; they inspire, play and work hard at everything that is thrown their way.

We are non-denominational and non-political, we are supporters of all human rights and we believe in transparency and accountability -we demand nothing less from those we move with. Tell us how we can help each other –Please do not come to us for hand outs.

Our Mission and Goals

Break down negative racial and gender stereotypes

Build a world of compassion, kindness and human rights for all

Educate beyond textbooks and school walls

Kickstart sustainable micro-businesses

Where are we coming from?

Donor fatigue and Donor mistrust are our greatest challenges. If you are like us, you grew up with the media bombarding us with images of hunger and what we could do for just the price of a cup of coffee; the proverbial fish for those less fortunate. When I started Kids Canada in 2012 with my kids, I was adamant that we would base our mission on the “teaching people to fish” method; we were wrong.

After 6 years of working with kids in Uganda and in Canada, we realized that giving and teaching were not enough. We realized that we had to not only change the way that our kids saw the world, but more importantly, how they saw themselves. For decades our media continues to feed dependency and entitlement; dictating who the saviours are and who needs to be saved. Kids Canada is determined to help change that.

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