Ways to Help

How You Can Make a Difference in the World

Donate Generously

Kids Canada is volunteer driven. Every dollar reaches the ground and allows us to facilitate workshops, provide paid work for our moms and kids and helps kick start micro businesses. Today, your support is helping us to build a much needed wall to secure our community centre in Uganda to provide a safe place for our kids and their projects.

Collaborate | Educate | Mentor

Our kids are excited to learn about their world. We support our team leaders and kids by connecting them to professionals and experts in many fields to mentor, advise and to help oversee projects. We love that we are able to open windows and doors for our kids through workshops in so many areas of interest; business, art, dance, music, information technology, health and sports.

Donate School and Building Supplies

Not sure what to do with those left over bags of cement, nails or pieces of wood. We are constantly building, or know people in our community who are. Let us take those off your hands.

Donate Preloved Electronics

We would love to buy new electronics for our kids but love that we can offer loving homes for any of your preloved items.

Organize a Fundraising project

Our kids here in Canada and in Uganda have come up with many ways to help raise funds for our projects. From bake sales to raffles -we would love to hear what fabulous ideas you have in mind.

How Your Donation Helps

Creates employment opportunities

Helps kick start micro-businesses

Facilitates workshops

Provides data for our online classes

Buys much needed equipment and supplies

Be Part of the Solution and Contribute Today

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