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Since 2012, we have been building bridges to connect our kids from Canada and Uganda to help build a world of compassion, kindness and human rights for all. Kids Canada is a Not-for-Profit organization. Corporation Number: 927173-2

Help keep our Children
and our Projects safe.

In 2014, we built a community centre in Uganda but we lacked the funds to build a much needed wall to secure it to keep our kids and our projects safe. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world hard in 2020 -we faced additional challenges. As many people became more desperate; our crops, goats and chickens were stolen and our house was broken into.


Donate a $20 virtual brick for our Wall of Honour. To help secure our centre in Uganda, your name, or the name in honour of a loved one, will be painted on a brick.

We invite Corporations and private companies to donate $100 or more.

With your support, we have been raising funds this year and have completed phase one and two of our wall. We are down to our final phase but we still need your help. Please donate generously. Your support not only secures our centre but brings much needed work to our community; especially for our momsyouth.

Be on our Wall of Honour -please help us reach our goal.

GOAL: $15,000.00 CND

RAISED TO DATE: $7,900.00

NEEDED $7,100.00

At $20/brick we need JUST 355 donations

HEARTFELT THANKS to everyone who has generously donated.

Covid 19 Initiatives

2020 was a challenging year, worldwide, due to covid 19. Borders closed and lock downs forced everyone to stay home. Quickly our team in Uganda had to move from gatherings for workshops to focusing on Initiatives that supported not only our kids but our community and the communities of our friends.

Donate a Virtual Brick for $20

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HEARTFELT THANKS FOR YOUR DONATIONS Since 2012, Kids Canada has been 100% volunteer driven and 100% of funds raised go towards our…

Our Mission Statement

Kids Canada is a not-for-profit organization that works with kids here in Canada and in Uganda to help build a world of compassion, kindness and human rights for all. Our mission is to help break down the negative gender, cultural and racial stereotypes that hold us all back.

Through cultural exchanges of art and technology, children from Canada and Uganda, are given the opportunity to share personal stories and to work on joint projects that encourage collaboration and open dialogue. Not just a charitable organization; we run our centre as a business and chip away the negative affects of colonialism at a psychological level.

One of Our Latest Success Stories

The Ugandan Friendship Project quietly does fabulous work in both Canada and in Uganda. Transparent, accountable, accessible and downright super fun to be around – this dynamic team brings mad skills and love to all of their important initiatives.

Just before covid hit – Bones and Jocelyn held a Fix-It-Yourself Bicycle Workshop that brought well loved bicycles from all over the village to our UKC Centre of Art and Technology in Uganda. All bikes were shown Bones’ love -just in time as cars were all locked down when Covid-19 hit the world. We love you #TeamJJB

We urgently need your support to secure our community centre in Uganda

We Build Bridges. Today we are building a wall to secure our centre in Uganda.

Heartfelt Thanks for your generous donations

When the world was stopped in its tracks by the Covid 19 pandemic -Master Teresa reached out to ask us how she could help. She has worked tirelessly to reduce the cost of her workshops and offered free classes by donation to help her students during a time when work stopped for many of us.  Thanks to her and all of her students, many of you reading this now, we have been able to kickstart our UKC Wall project to help secure our centre; a centre that we feel will raise compassionate and kind little humans who will fight for human rights for all. We have no words to express our gratitude; you’ve made our hearts and the hearts of our kids smile.

Since 2012, Kids Canada has been 100% volunteer driven and 100% of funds raised go towards our initiatives. We can’t thank you enough.  Today, because of your generosity we have been able to kickstart our UKC Wall project to secure our centre. Here is where your donations are going and have been going.

  • we support local businesses: cement, sand, gravel, wood and other building supplies.
  • we support local youth small businesses: they make our bricks
  • transport of supplies (trucks for sand/gravel and bodas (mopeds) for shorter trips of building materials
  • 2 wheelbarrows
  • hoes, shovels and pangas
  • bicycle (supplies including collection of water)
  • water barrel (water harvesting)
  • food (we provide lunch)
  • jobs (we hire our moms and local youth)

WE HAVE BEEN BUSY since 2012